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Questions Contact: Roy Hooe @royhooe@yahoo.com


1.  When does the season start?
The season starts mid November after we wrap up registrations.  The season will start with evaluations of age groups starting with the 7/8 age group.  The 9 and above groups will have evals so we can get the kids evenly matched. Teams will be drafted by their coach and practices will begin right after our drafts have completed.
Even our  4 - 6 kids will be put on a team and practices will begin near Thanksgiving.

2. Do I need anything?
Your child will get a basketball in the 4/6 age group.   Teams will have basketballs but of course you can bring a ball if you want to practice.  The more basketballs the better. 
Basketball sizes - 
7/8 -  28. 5
9 to 11 -   28.5
12 and above -  29.5 (full size basketball)

3. When are games and practices?
Practices will normally be once or twice during the week.  For our younger 4/6 age kids practices will be for an hour during the week and then for an hour on Saturdays.
For our 7/8 group practices will be similar as we will have once during the week and weekends. 
Games for the 4 - 6 and 7/8 age group do not start until we get back from the holidays in January.  Games will be
played on Saturdays for both age groups.

4. What do I get for my money?
Each child will get shirt and shorts for all age groups.  Each team will play at least 10 games.   The amount of games could be as much as 14 to 16 games depending on the age group.  All kids will receive a trophy at the end of the season.

5. What if my child is high school age and does not make the high school team?
We offer basketball all the way up to 17u.  So if you child does not make the high school team we have room for them at GGB.  Just send Tom an email at and let him know you are interested in playing and we will hold a spot. Registration for the older kids will take place online right after cuts are finished so we can
offer a place for your child.

6.  What if I can not do practices on a specific day of the week?
We are very flexible with people and will put kids on teams that most fit a families weekly schedule. If there is a day you can not manage just let us know on the form or via email and we will do our best to work with you.

7.  Why do I have to pay the fundraiser fee and is it optional?
Our fundraiser fee is used to pay for gym time.  The county rec and parks charges us for gym time on the weekends. Also, we get charged per player for the season by the rec and parks.  The fundraiser fee pays for this plus uniforms, basketballs, scorebooks, drills for the middle school gyms...etc.    We have to have this fundraiser fee to continue to operate on a daily basis. GGBJSL is non profit and this allows us to improve things each season to make the season as fulfilling as we can.

8.  Why are the fees so high?
As you may notice our fees are lower for the younger age groups.  This is due to the fact we do not use referees or pay much for the referees at this level.  Once we get to the 9 and above age groups referees become involved and they tend to cost more money.  Also, we have to cover the cost of our in house games and the fees we pay to operate the gyms on weekends.  We try to work with families as best we can as we know it can get very pricey to play basketball in this day and age.  If you have any concerns financially please don't hesitate to contact our commisioners.